Adding A Printer

Printers - Finding and Connecting

Did you know that you can connect to any of the printers in the building? It is as simple as click click click.

All of the communal printers are advertised over the network for your convenience. All users have the access required to print to any of these with ease. Personal printers are however restricted to the machine of which they are connected to.

To do this simply follow the instructions below

Click Start.

Open the Control Panel.

Select "Devices and Printers".

Then select "Add a printer".

Choose "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer".

Now select "The printer that I want isn't listed" at the bottom of the page.

 Click on "Select a shared printer by name" and type in the adjacent textbox:


This will produce a drop-down list of available printers.
 Please wait while the printer's drivers are installed, ready for you to use. 
 You have successfully added the printer. You may choose to select this as your default printer by ticking the relevant check-box.


If you would like this printer to become the default see "Changing Your Default Printer"

And thats it, as easy as pie.