How to access my email archive(s)

There are three "archives": Lotus, Postini and Google.

Of course we all know how to access the Lotus Notes Email archive - just click on archive.
But wait, what is the Lotus Notes archive??
It is just your email, but "upto a particular date" - this is just a limitation of Lotus Notes: it becomes unmanageably large and IT have to split it into smaller chunks.

Now that you know how to log on to Postini you can check the archive but just clicking on the "archive tab" - there you will find all of your emails (some of you will have to wait until we have fully migrated your data into Postini)
Just search for the email you either sent or received.
Some of you will be the managers of other email accounts (group accounts or email nodes for customers) and will therefore have to remember to log in as the right email address.
This archive is a legally binding record of all inbound and outbound emails. If it is not there, then it did not reach us.

Google does not have space limitations, all your email is available online using the same web application that you always used.
For those of you with Outlook, your PST file might contain all your mail (if you have set this up to remember everything) otherwise please just log onto Google Mail online.