How to Log Into Postini

How to log into Postini - Your email gateway

Postini are our email providers, the ones who filter out the spam and deliver your mission critical emails. Recently purchased by Google they are one of the best companies out there.

So why would you need to log into Postini. Well in the past you would have contacted IT if an email didnt arrive as you were expecting it to. Well you are now in control of your own mail using the Postini Message Center. This is where mail addrssed to you will get filtered and held up. There are no other points where mail will be held asumign all systems are running correctly so this is the only place to look.

If Postini is unsure about an email, for example it may contain a virus, the email will be held within the message cenbter waiting for you to tell it what to do with the message. In this case you would simply tell it to clean the virus and release the email.

So how do i do it

Click the link or type in it into the address bar of your intermet browser.
You will then be presented with the screen like this. Enter your email address and your password. This will either be the password provided in the introdcution email or if you have logged in before then you would have been forced to change it. Dont worry if you dont remember it just pop your email address into the first box and enter any random thing as your password. When it fails a link at the top of the page will appear allowing you to reset it. All without ever calling IT.
When you have logged in you will be presented with a screen similar to this. In the image you can see that there are no messages waiting to be released. This is because Postini is usually very good at working out what is spam and what is legitimate work emails.
However in this screen shot you can see that there are messages to be dealt with.
In this example is a newsletter i signed up for and i dont want to have to get it from my spam every time. We are going to mark them as approved senders so this doesnt happen. First deliver the meesage in question by clicking the deliver button next to the email you want. Or select multiple emails using the tick box and click "Deliver Selected"
Like i said i am going to always want messages from mysql so we are going to go ahead and tick the box next to the email i want and click "Approve Selected Senders"
You will be informed that the messages you requested have been delivered. Click Continue
Ok so now we are going to look at what other approved senders i have. Click My settings at the top
Select Approve Senders from the Junk Settings box
Ok so here are your options. First select if you want to Approve or Block senders. You are already in approved.
  • 1: Add whole email addresses here for example to ensure that any mail from Harry was not marked as spam
  • 2: Add just the domain for example to ensure that anybody at Harry's Kebab can send you mail without it being marked as spam.
  • 3: You dont really need to worry about this one. Unless you know that you are on a specific mailing list.
All you have to do is type email addresses or domains in the boxes then click on the relevant update button. You can only alter one box at a time. You need only enter the email address OR domain you DO NOT need to do both. Adding the single email address will just permit that person. Adding the domain will permit everybody at that company (the the same bit after the @) to bypass the spam filter.
The blocked senders page only has two boxes but functions exactly the same as the approve senders.
  • 1: To block any email for enter the full address as here
  • 2: To block any email from anybody at enter just the domain
Agin just enter the information into the box and click the relevant update button

And thats it, as easy as pie.