Laptop Internet Policy

Company Laptop Internet Policy v2

Microlease PLC has a strict company policy when it comes to internet access. ALL systems must go through our company web filtering system wheni tocmes to laptops this requires an application be installed on the machine itself

At current the application required is anywhwere+. This application forces all traffic through the external web filtering proxies. This application is compolsary for all company laptops. You can tell if the laptop you are using is uspplied by the company as it will have an asset tag on it. The tag will read ITxxx or Dxxxx with x meaning a number.

First you will need the zip file Downloads

Extract the files to a location you will remember - we reccomend your desktop. There will be two folders "Program Files" and "Windows" and one file "Anywhere+.msi". You must not modify anywhere+.config file.

you will need to be an administrator of your local machine to run the installer. This should be done by logging on as the local administrator

Double Click the Anywhere+.msi icon
The first screen simply welcomes you to the installer. Click Next
Accept the License agreement and click next.
Click next to accept the default instalation destination folder.
You will then be told that the application is ready to be installed. Click Install.
The application will begin to install.
Do not fear if you network card goes up and down and your monitor flickers - this is normal wehn installing DNE.
When you see this screen you are done. Click Finish
You must reboot to complete the instalation. Do this immediatly by clicking Yes or click no to do it later.
After rebooting (and you can log in as yourself now) you will have a new icon in your system tray (the thing in the bottom right corner of your screen) which looks like this. (The green cross).

Lets break for a little tutorial on what Anywhere+ does. Anywhere+ takes all your web bound traffic and pushes it through a "tower". There are hundred's of towers accross the globe so one is never far away. By default Anywhere+ will try to find the closest and fastest tower to where you are. This is great... sometimes. Occasionaly it might get it wrong and think you are in China. Webpages such as will show google china this is a fault in the application - nothing more. You however can override the automation if you feel it is doing a bad job at guessing your location. Follow the steps below to acheive this.

Right click the Anywhere + icon in the system tray
Select and Detect Closest Tower Settings and you will be presented with the screen here. To manualy change your tower you will need to select Manual. To return to automatic - select Auto. Click Update when done.
Click OK to the resulting box telling you the the settings were updated successfully. Click Exit to start choosing your Tower
Right click the Anywhere + icon again but this time hover over Scanning Location
You are then able to choose any of the pre-defined towers as provided by IT.

Anywhere + is a very clever bit of software you can tell if it is working by doing 1 of two things. Firstly when navigating to a web page the Anywhere plus icon will flash orange this shows that it is passing data on to the scanning towers. The second test is to go to a special type of website which shows you your IP address. If you are going through the ANywhere + it should show you the hostname of ???? Go to one of the following sites to find this out

And thats it, as easy as pie.