Maping A Drive

Mapping a network Drive

The following documents the steps necessary to map the G, H and O drives.

This tutorial asumes that no mapped drive exists. If you are trying to re-map a drive (i.e you can see the H drive icon but it is not working) you will need to disconnect from it first. This can be done by right clicking on the drive in question from my computer and selecting Disconnect

Click Start
Select My Computer

Select Tools then Map Network Drive. On some machines this option is not available see Mapping a Drive .... The other wayfor instructions on how to overcome this.

From the drop down box select the letter of the drive you wish to connect to. H = Home, G = Group and O = Open.

In the second box enter the following within the quotes;

Home Harrow = "\\\Home\****"
(replace **** with your username such as simpsm or fareym)

Group Harrow= "\\\Group"

Open Harrow = "\\\Open"

Group Coventry = "\\\General"


Selecting the "Reconnect at logon" tick box will ensure that the network drive remains when you log off and on again. Then click "Finish"

And thats all you need to do. Another simple as  tutorial.

Ok so what if it didnt work. See Mapping a Drive .... The other way