New VPN Instructions

Ok So you are fed up with the Yellow Key constantly causing problems. Well you're in luck. We have decided to leave CheckPoint and move to a much simpler solution.

If you are a Power User you may not even need to read past step 1!

I have written these instructions using Google Chrome as it is our recommended browser. You can use Internet Explorer or Firefox as well.

1) In your browser go to

2) You will be warned that your system must be checked. This is to ensure that your machine meets the company minimum company security settings. Click Download
n.b This is browser dependant. In Internet Explorer - Click Run. In Firefox and Chrome wait for the file to download then double click the download.

3) Follow the Wizard for installing this small component.

4) Click Finish and go back to the web page. You will be asked if you wish to run the scan. You must click yes to continue.

5) After a few moments if you system passes all test you will be prompted with a log in box.

6) Here is the great news. Your Username and password are exactly the same as ones you use to log on to your PC! So just enter them. You will then be prompted to install the client.

7) Click on the download button which represents your machine. If you do not know then try 32bit. Once downloaded run the file and follow the wizard

7a) You may be prompted to close some things you have open. This may include these instructions so you may want to print these instructions you can choose either option please read them first.