Printing Double Sided

Do your part to save trees.

Think first do you actually need to print this? Is it for your convenience? Is it just so you don't have to read it off screen?

Ok so you have either ignored the above or decided that you really need to print this document. Do you really?

Fine. Microlease are going to be introducing a policy which states that all printed documents must be double sideed. But how do i set it to double sided print i hear you cry. Well lets get started.

 Click Start 
 Click Printers and Faxes (devices and Printers on Windows 7) 
 Right Click on the printer you use the most (your default is indicated by a black tick) Click Printing Preferences 
 For the Cannon printers:

Select Finishing

Click the drop down menu next to Print Style.

Select Double Sided

While your hear you can make the Cannon staple your documents as well. Select the drop down menu next to Finishing and select Collate and Staple.

Click Apply then Ok when done.

 For IBM Infoprints:

Most departments have an IBM Infoprint as your main printer.

Tick the Box next to 2-sided printing

Select weather you want it to be long edge (like a book) or short edge (like a flip pad)

Click Apply then OK when done.

Some printers simply don't have this functionality. These include the old HP Inkjets and the Small HP Desk printers.

If in doubt ask your colleagues or simply look for the option in the printing preferences. If you still cannot find it then contact IT.