Remote Desktop Instructions

Please follow these instructions if you are on a personal machine and have already installed the VPN client.

In order to use RDP your machine must have been configured by IT.

What you will need:
  • VPN Client (See instructions here)
  • Your IT Number (if you do not know this and are not at the office you can ask a colleague to check it for you)
  • Your work machine must be turned on and logged on as yourself. It may be wise to leave a Rental session, or Word document open so you know you are connected fine.
  • You must have Windows XP Service Pack 3 (or greater)
  • Your work Username and Password
  • Your must inform Helpdesk that you wish to do this by email stating "I wish to be a member of the RD People Group. I have read the instructions and understand what is i am doing"
    • This may have already been activated for you. Look at your desktop at work and you should notice 2 new icons. "Shutdown Computer" and "Cancel Shutdown". If these are present then you are ready to start
  • An active tunnel to Microlease (Double click on the Yellow Key and connect)

Understanding what it is you are doing.

It is important to understand what it is you are doing before you start so please read carefully and pay attention. You will be using your home (or company provided laptop) to view and control your work PC just as if you are sitting at it. Just like IT can take control of your PC you will be doing exactly the same but only have access to your machine. You have to imagine when you are connected that you are on your Work PC. This also means company Computer Use Policies Apply. Your work machine is to be used for work only. The browsing of personal/ inappropriate websites even when using RDP is not acceptable. If you wish to browse the web for personal use you may either minimize the remote session (described below) or close the connection all together.
Once your session is connected you will be able to access all the programs and drives you do at the office. Lotus Notes (eQuotes CSF's etc), iSeries Navigator (Rental, JBA, Backup) and more. You will be able to access all the software on your PC just as if you are in the office. You can launch and close anything you need.
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR Google USERS: You can access your Google Mail from any computer without an RDP session and without a VPN. Your Work email is hosted in Google's Data Centres and thus does not require a VPN. In any browser go to and log in using the credentials supplied.

Got all that? Good lets get started.

  • Click Start
    • If You have the Run Option select this

      • Enter "mstsc" into the box and hit enter

    • If you do not have the run option follow the steps here
      • Select All Programs
      • Select Accessories
        • Find the icon labeled "Remote Desktop Connection" Click it

  • Once you have opened the Remote Desktop Connection Enter your IT Number into the box

  • Click the "Options > >" Button and select the Display tab. Ensure it looks like this

  • Select the Local Resources Tab and check it looks the same

  • Click the "More" Button and untick everything and Click OK

  • Select Experience tab and from the drop down box select "Modem" (unless you have a super fast 20mb Broadband connection)

  • Go back to the General Tab and in the username box enter "mlease\<yourusername>" i.e "mlease\simpsm" (do not enter the "quotes")
  • Since you have made so many changes you might wish to save this connection for future use. To do this click "Save As..."
    • Browse to your desktop and enter a meaningful name e.g "Connect to work PC" This means to connect next time you just need to double click the Icon on your desktop

  • Click "Connect". You may receive a warning like the one below. Click "Connect" to continue
  • A full screen window will take over your screen and a small Yellow bar with your IT Number will be visible at the top your screen. This shows you that you are connected to a remote PC. 
  • Click image for Bigger

  • There are 4 buttons on this bar 3 of which you already know. From left to right they are
    • <Push Pin Icon> = Pin this bar to the top of your screen no matter what. This is reccomended to remind you that you are working on your work PC. If you require more screen space you can click this pin and the bar will slide out the way. To get it back move your mouse to where it was and it will slide back into view.
    • <Minimize Button> = Minimize. Just like normal this will minimize the windows and allow you to use your PC as normal
    • <Restore/ Maximize button> = Just as normal this toggles between restore (make the program a window) or Maximize (use the whole screen). If working in full screen mode is confusing you may like to restore the window to make it easier.
    • <Close button> = Of course this will terminate your session and close the window.
  • Ok so now you are probably looking at the Computer Misuse Act screen like what you get when you log on in the morning at work. Click OK just as you normally do. 
  • You will then be show a log on screen. Again just like logging on in the morning enter your username (if not entered for you) and windows password.
  • After a bit of screen twitching you should see your desktop icons (or the programs you left open at work) N.B Your wallpaper (the picture on your desktop background) will not be displayed. This is make your connection faster.
  • After your done working you must use the "x" button to close the connection. DO NOT Log Off your work PC or Shutdown as this will make your machine in-accessible until you log in at the office or turn your PC back on. You may be prompted are you sure you wish to close the connection to which you answer Yes. If you are confident that you will not require your PC again until you come into the office you can "save the planet" and use the "Shutdown Computer" Icon on your work computer desktop. You will have 20 seconds to cancel this (Using the "Cancel Shutdown" icon on your desktop) if you do so choose.

A few things to remember

  1. Never leave a remote session open when you are away from the computer. Children or other people in the household will not understand "why the computer is funny" and may cause un-intentional damage to your work machine.
  2. Keep your home PC up to date with Anti-Virus (web page coming soon)
  3. If you are working from home you must notify and have authorisation from your Head of Department
  4. If you wish your phone to be forwarded to a mobile or land line you must notify Helpdesk who provide you more information
    • If you do this you must:
      1. Answer all Calls in the professional manor expected of you as if you were in the office.
      2. Answer all calls within 3 rings
      3. Always be in a position to deal with the call. If sales this would include being able to take and process an order using your remote session and Rental system. It is not acceptable to have your phone on forward and be at the pub/ supermarket/ Primark etc.