Switching Notes to other servers

Mail File

This may have happened automatically but please check

In the bottom right corner of your screen there is a button with a small arrow pointing upwards. This will be labelled Office, or Online or something similar. 

  • Click the little arrow and a list will pop up.
  • Click Edit Current
  • You will be presented with a list of location documents.
  • You should delete all of them except the one which was active.
  • Select the active one (indicated by what was in the button)
  • Click Edit
  • Select Servers Tab
  • Enter "NotesCary1/Microlease" into
    •  Home/ Mail server
    •  Domino directory server
    • Leave the rest blank. (do not include the quotes)
  • Select Ports Tab untick all except TCPIP
  • Click OK
  • Click Notes Ports on the left hand list
  • Select TCPIP
    • Tick all 3 check boxes
  • Select all the other ports and untick all 3 boxes.
  • Click Ok.
  • Restart Notes



Ok so users probably have lost of short cuts in their big open drop down box (or on the tool bar on the left hand side). Close all open tabs any apps or mail etc.

  • Right click any of the shortcuts.
  • Open Replica
  • Manage Replicas
  • From the drop down box select NotesCary1
  • Click the Add button.
  • Select NotesUS1
  • Click remove button.

Some applications show you the server you are viewing them on, others you will need to find out yourself. Open the application from the shortuct

Click File
In the first tab will be the server.