Scanning Contracts Using The Cannon

New Calcert/ Contract/ IRContracts Scanning System

The way in which you used to scan contracts, Calcerts or IRContracts has changed. This document shows you how to do it.

It is now faster, safer and more organised than it ever was before. The documents will be sent to G:\Scanned Data rather than an inbox somewhere

Trudge over to the Cannon printer in Unit7 (next to the coffe machine) i know its a few extra steps but its worth it. Why not start a coffee. I gurtantee once practiced you can scan these documents faster then the coffee machine can make your drink. Try It.

Select Send (at the top of the screen).

Tap the One-Touch button at the bottom.
Tap the relevant button at the bottom.

If scanning a Rental contract then hit the contract button
If scanning an IR contract hit the HIR Contract button
If scanning a Calibration Certificate hit the Calcert button
If you wish to scan a temporary file for use elsewhere hit the Temp button.
Tap the "Send Doc. Name" button.
Type in the contract or Asset number (you can use the on screen keyboard OR the keypad) tap Ok when done.
Tap Done.
Hit the magic green button and your done.
Back on your PC you can now go to G drive and open the folder called Scanned Data and everything you need is in there. You will not be able to delete these files from these folders apart from the Temporary Scans folder. This directory will be cleaned out periodically and is used instead of scanning a document to yourself via email.

And thats it, as easy as pie.