[Resolved] Access to Delegated peoples inboxes - Google

posted 9 Sep 2010, 01:37 by Martyn Simpson   [ updated 10 Sep 2010, 02:52 by Unknown user ]
Google fixed this after a few hours yesterday 9/9/10

You may have noticed that the little blue arrow you used to use to access other peoples inboxes in google has dissapeared.

We have raised this with Google and they are aware of the problem. At this time i am not able to provide a resolution time.

As a temporary solution you can use the following link.

http://mail.google.com/a/microlease.com/b/<delegate email>/u/<your email>/#inbox

Edit it as necessary then copy and paste it into your browser. Edit <delegates email> with the email address of the person or inbox you are trying to access. Then edit <your email> with your full email address.

An example would be as below for Martyn to access helpdesk.


We will update as and when we have more information.