[Resolved] Email Problem

posted 11 Jul 2011, 08:29 by Unknown user   [ updated 12 Jul 2011, 09:30 by Martyn Simpson ]
[Update 12/07 17:29] This issue is now resolved.

[Update 12/07 10:25] The root issue is now resolved. However some remaining issues are occuring with some servers needing updates. All primary servers have been restored. Secondary servers are in progress. [MS]

[Update 12/07 00:26] This is still ongoing with updates taking much longer than expected. [MS]

[Update 11/07 23:50] Some of our servers are requiring 2 updates to bring them in to line. This is taking additional time. [MS]

[Update 11/07 23:40] The servers are being updated with additional updates during this down time so time to restore may take longer than expected. Stand by [MS]

[Update 11/07 23:33] Fix pack has been applied to Gateway and is now being applied to NotesUK2 and 1. Expect outages. [MS]

[Update 11/07 23:15] I have identified the problem and will be applying Fix Packs to all Lotus Notes Servers throughout the night. Please be aware for some notes instabilities during this period. Users may have noticed prolonged periods of not receiving emails followed by a large influx of emails with the current time. This time change was unavoidable due to the nature of emails. [Martyn Simpson]

We are currently experiencing technical difficulty with our email system 

sorry for the inconvenience

Phil Guerreiro