[Closed] Email Server

posted 25 Aug 2010, 05:34 by Unknown user   [ updated 30 Aug 2010, 12:47 ]
Lotus Domino server email queue corruption, eventually, through various maintenance processes that Kyle ran on the server, including the removal of various corrupt emails in the queue, the server started behaving proficiently, and we were able to clear the message queues, over the course of a few hours, which released any backed up mail. Throughout the day we had verified every other part of our email infrastructure.

For good measure we have upgraded the server to the latest version in the hope that these software glitches will have been fixed. IT professionals never run critical systems on the latest version unless time has allowed other more early adopters to find the flaws, on balance we would prefer to update rather than accept the risk that another corrupt queue would further degrade our fast customer response.

All mail should now be successfully delivered, you may notice some issues with time-stamps on messages, or possibly doubled up messages; but all messages that were in the queue have been successfully routed at this point. The team will carefully monitor the situation in the coming days, to try to ensure the steps taken do not cause any problems - and that mail continues to flow smoothly.

We thank you all for your patience during this issue.

We are currently experiencing an issue affecting some outgoing and incoming mail.

We are working with our external mail support to resolve ASAP.

Google remains unaffected, however some Google users will notice that mail flow is disturbed because it travels through Lotus first sometimes.

If you can send from Google, this is the most reliable approach.

We will keep you posted, and expect to resolve within an hour. (1600)