[Resolved] Packet Loss and Interruptions on Backbone

posted 11 Mar 2011, 01:00 by Martyn Simpson   [ updated 18 Mar 2011, 03:11 ]
UPDATE: I have closed this issue until more information is found on the root cause.

UPDATE: Looks like things have settled down. I will leave the status as Orange until Monday pending more investigation.

We are seeing increased errors on our backbone at the Whitefriars Office.

We are investigating. More info to follow.

The i5 issues at Waverley were unrelated but are fixed now.

Looks like they are occurring at random.

This is affecting all Systems and Waverley is being Thrown out of i5 sessions.

Please be patient while we work on this.

The issue appears to be CRC Alignements on the Fibre Backbone between Unit 6 and our server room.