[Resolved] i5 Outage: Rental, JBA, Wintouch, Calcerts, transactional website, wintouch web services

posted 28 Dec 2010, 03:31 by Unknown user   [ updated 28 Dec 2010, 09:18 by Martyn Simpson ]
This is now all resolved. We appreciate your patience during the complicated outage. [MS] 

This is still on going please be patient while we resolve as soon as possible for you. [MS]

There has been an unplanned outage of one of our i5 systems (rental)

Elaine has contacted Earl who will arrange for someone to attend on site to check the system.

Please continue to watch these service announcements for further details and an update.

Things that you might notice as down:

Invoice PDF overprinting - Mary
Calcerts real-time REST web service - Julie
Rental access
Wintouch real-time SOAP web service
Transactional Website real-time SOAP web service