Some people have reported that in recent times their Lotus Notes has become slow. This was following an update to Internet Explorer in early March.

Those people affected appear to have spybot installed on their computers, please try uninstalling that using "Control Panel"->"Add or Remove Programs" and reboot.

If this doesn't fix things, please follow the instructions below:

1. Close Lotus Notes completely.
2. Right click on the shortcut you use to start Lotus Notes
3. Click Properties
4. In the [target] box find the text

"C:\Program Files.....notes.exe"

 and change it to read

"C:\Program Files.....notes.exe" -sa

in other words add a space and -sa to the end of what was there before

5. Click apply
6. Restart Lotus Notes.

This puts it into "old school" mode which is the only fix we have at this time.