VPN Instructions

VPN Instalation Instructions - Microlease PLC

This page documents how to setup the VPN software to connect to the office from your home PC.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a tunnel between your home PC and the office. Look at the image below. You have an internet connection and so do we at Microlease. A VPN is the Blue line between you and the office. It gets you through the firewall and means you are able to access most the services you can at the office.

SSL VPN Instructions.

1) Open up a browser window then type this address in the URL :ssl.micolease.com

2) Enter your ‘windows’ log in details -

3) You will be prompted to downloaded the Citrix client.

It will ask to download the 32 or bit 64bit client. Hold your ‘windows’ key and press ‘pause/break’ key this will show you whether your operating system is 32 or 64 bit and therefore what version to download.

4) Please run the application once downloaded, it will ask for a restart. Restart the system and go back to the previous url ‘ssl.microlease.com. The new VPN Client will now be downloaded to your desktop. Follow the instructions as prompted e.g enter windows log in details again.

5) Once you are logged in and see this screen.

 You are now logged onto the VPN

6)You may exit the browser and continue to work as normal. If you have been given a shortcut to RDP to your work desktop, you are now able to do so.

7) To disconnect from the VPN simply right click on the blue and white padlock located at the bottom right of your task bar and select ‘Logoff’.

Or alternatively select log off in the SSL browser window.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to give a member of IT a Call or open a ticket with servicedesk@microlease.com :)