Citrix Installation

Please remember Nigel Brown's paperless pledge! Please don't print this article, it is available from any location in a web browser.

download the software required for this (or see the attachment at the bottom of this page)

The following pop “Citrix Presentation Server Client Setup” will appear

After this setup gets completed “Citrix Program Neighborhood” icon will be created on your desktop

You have now installed Citrix, next we get it set up to connect to the URSA application

Double Click on “Citrix Program Neighborhood” from your desktop

In the Toolbar area, click on Settings.

The following screen will appear

 For Network Protocol, please select HTTP/HTTPS and Click on Add.

You will get a blank pop-up, please make it look like this and press OK,

Press ADD and add the rest of them:





Press OK

Go to Tools, select ICA Settings.


    Pass-Through Authentication

    Use local Username

    Password for logon

are all Un-Checked.

Click OK.


Now double click Add ICA Connection available in Citrix Program Neighborhood

The following screen appears. Select Wide Area Network, click Next.

Click Next

At the screen below, select TCP/IP+HTTP for Network Protocol.
Select "Published Application" radio button.

Open the dropdown list and select one of the following depending on the country you support:







Now select the default options till the below screen appear.

Enter your so called "NT Login" username

click "save password" and then enter your "NT Login" password

the Domain is Agilent.

Select the default options till the below screen appears.

Click Finish to save

Reboot your machine before logging on to URSA

When you double click the icon in the future you will be asked to log in to URSA with your URSA username and password which you should have.

Your NT Logon username and password are now saved in the system and you will not need them again, please store them in safe place.
Your Agilent N number is only required when you have to raise a support call to Agilent's Global Support Desk, you must phone the relevant number for your language and region.
Your URSA username and password has to be input every time you use the system.

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