Free Protection For Your Home Computer - Secunia PSI


As your home machines get older, the programs installed on them gather dust and over time hackers write programs to target those old programs.

"About 85% of all infection, spyware and malware enters your home computer via old programs you have forgotten to update"

Microlease plc is pleased to offer you a free solution. 

By installing a tiny program on your home machine, you can be alerted to potential trouble and the solution is only a couple of clicks away.

In case the information is technical, the reports can be viewed by Microlease IT, so we can assist you.

The theory is that by helping you make your home computers more secure, Microlease is made safer because you use your home computers to access your machines here. 

It is also nice that IT can offer you something very worthwhile at no cost.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector is written by one of the worlds leading security companies, a company that collates all vulnerabilities on all software written by all manufacturers world wide, Microlease has even used Secunia when we submitted our own reports on vulnerablities within Lotus software to the worldwide community.

Just download, unzip and install PSI whenever you wish on whatever machines you wish.

- Secunia ApS -

IT ServiceDesk, October 2010