Giving someone access to your mail

For whatever reason it is sometimes ncessary to give someone access to read your email and even send mail on your behalf. This is usually the case if you are going away on holiday or other leave

This tutorial features screen shots of Lotus Notes 8 so some screen may differ sllightly but the general gist is the same

Fire up lotus notes and make sure you are in your inbox before begining. Click More --> Prefernces. (Lotus Notes 7 it is in the same place it is just called Tools)
Select the Access and Delegation Tab followed by the "Access to your Mail and Calender"
Click the add button and you will be presented with a screen like this. Although this ooks complicated it is pretty self explanitory. Read it carefully and follow the tips here
  • Ensure that "Just this person or group is selected then click the small grey arrow in the box. This will open the Microlease Address book. Scroll through the list to find the person you are looking for (they are arranged in alphabetical order by surname) double click them and the box will close and their name will appear in the box.
  • Decide which components you wish this person to have access to. In most cases the first option is the best
  • Under "how much access do you want to give" it is good practice to give them full access i.e. "Read/create and document, delete documents they create, send mail on your behalf". You can always revoke their permission when you get back.
  • Under the automatic forwarding ensure both boxes are NOT ticked and the drop down box displays "Do not forward"

It should look like the image below and to the right. Click Ok and Ok again and its done.

And thats all you need to do. Another simple as tutorial.