How to create a link to a document in Lotus notes rather than atatching it.

This page documents how to create a link to documents contained on the G, H or O drive. This is especially important when sending an email to several people. When you send an attachment it is stored in all the recipients in-box - as you know a small in-box is the key to a fast Lotus Notes.

Since an email without an attachment is only a few kilobytes (very small) it is possible to send thousands of emails a day without affecting service. However when these relatively small emails contain attachments they take up 1000% more space.

So what should i do. Well the best thing to do is create a link. This link will take you to the actual document wherever it si stored and will only be in 1 place rather than in a large group of peoples emails. The file must be stored in either the G - Group Drive or O - The Open Drive. As a rule of thumb if you are sending a file to someone in your department then the G drive is a good place to store it. If you are sending it to Harrow for example then it should be on the O drive.

First you need to browse to the location of the file using the My Computer icon in the start menu. When it opens select the correct drive and find where the file is saved.
Now Click Tools --> Folder Options. Click the View Tab. In the white box un-tick the box lablled "Hide extensions for known file types" then click apply. This will enable you to copy the whole file path.
Right click on the file you want then click Properties
Select the text next to Location. Its ok it doesnt look like you can select it but you can. Right click your selection and click copy.
Paste this into your email but add another "\" without the quotes. Go back to the properties page and copy the contents of the top white box and paste this into the email. You should now have a link which is structred like this <letter>:\<folder name>\<file name>.<file extension> - like i have got in the picture.

Select the whole thing now from within notes, right click and select copy.
With the path still selected Click Create --> Hotspot --> Link Hotspot
In the box which pops up paste the full path in the Value box and hit enter. Close this box by hitting the x in the corner and your done. You will notice the text is now blue meaning that ti is a link.
And thats it, as easy as pie.