So your having problems starting outlook?

If you're having any problems with the start-up of Outlook backed with Google Apps for the Enterprise, please try the following steps:

As all of your email is also mirrored with Google, you can always use the web-interface at for any browser, this will give you instant access to your mail / calendar, and will also work from any mobile device!

As Outlook is simply working as a front end GUI for this service, you can safely add a new profile in Google Apps Sync to help relieve any problems starting the Outlook client, 

Firstly, choose Set up a Google Apps Sync user from All Programs in the Start menu. 

You're then prompted to sign in to your Google Apps account. Remember that this must be in the format of Signing in here lets Google Apps Sync connect to your account to get ready for synchronization.

You only have to do this once as long as you check the Remember me box (see below):

  1. Enter your email address (the one you'll be using with your Google Apps account).

  2. Enter your password, choosing the following options:

    Yes, I have a password: Select this option to sign in with your Google Apps password. Then enter the pasasword here, too.

  3. Check Remember me (don't skip this step). Check this box no matter which password option you choose above. Google Apps Sync needs to remember your password, otherwise it will ask you to sign in each time you start Outlook.

  4. Click Continue when you're done.

Now proceed to open outlook. 

You will now likely have Outlook profiles other than the Google Apps profile you just created, Outlook prompts you to select which profile to open. Be sure to choose your new Google Apps profile to begin using your refreshed account. (This will be called - Google Apps Sync Profile 2)

Your outlook should now successfully load, and your emails will resynchronise with Google.

Any problems, please email