Replacing your Design on your mail file

Recently some of you may have been experiencing problems with deleting emails - usually with an error as below. Replacing your design should be your last resort and is only usually done when IT have asked you to do so. However if you receieve the error below you are free to do this as often as you like.

Replacing your dsign is a very simple few clicks but get it wrong and it can be catestrophical. We therfore reccomend you read these instructions very carefully and take note of the BOLD items for extra attention.

Close all your tabs (the things at the top) by clicking the x except for your inbox.
Click File --> Application --> Replace Design. If this option is not there see below.
If the above option is not there you will need to select View --> Advanced Menus. Repeat the above step now.
Scroll through the list and single click "Mail (R8)" BE VERY CAREFUL TO ONLY SELECT THE "Mail" OPTION ANYTHING ELSE MAY CURRUPT YOUR MAIL It will always be called Mail (R??) with the ? representing a number or two numbers separated by a decimal point. In my example it is called Mail (R8.5) as i am on the newest release of Lotus Notes. When you are sure you have single clicked Mail click "Replace"
You will then be asked if you wish to proceed. This is your last chance - if you are unsure about if you selected Mail then click No and do it again. Ok enough warning click Yes
Lotus Notes will now do its thing. You can see that it is working by looking at the bottom of your screen where you will see a progress bar and information on what notes is doing.
Wait for it to stop then close your mail file by clicking the x again. You should have no tabs open and just see the fantastic bluey grey swishy background.
Open your mail again by the usual method - Big Open button or sidebar and hit F9. You will be prompted if you wish to delete x number of documents (these are the ones you tried before. Click yes.I DONT HAVE A SCREEN SHOT OF THIS BUT IF YOU DO PLEASE SEND IT TO HELPDESK
And thats it, as easy as pie.