Ok so what's with the large number of credentials you have for URSA. Lets review them.

N Number
Your N Number or NID is a unique number given to all ATP staff to allow them access into Agilents System. Your Line manage has a copy of all the N numbers if you forget it.

Secure Token
To go with this you should also have a Secure Token. This is the Credit Card sized Red and blue thing with a small screen showing numbers.

How do you use these and where.

Well you should have associated your N number with your secure token you only need to do this once.
1) Visit https://bbnsslvpn.net.europe.agilent.com enter your N number into the Employee ID box
2) Enter the 6 digit number displayed on your secure token (make sure there are 5 or 6 "bars" displayed on the left of the screen before doing this. Wait and they will count down and generate a new number)
3) Click Sign In
4) The Page will then prompt you to create a new personal identification number (if it does not close the page immediately and skip to the next section)
5) Enter a memorable 4 digit number then enter the same number into the second box
6) Click Save PIN
7) You will then be prompted to log in again.
8) Enter your N number again into the employee ID box
9) Type your 4 digit pin into the SECURE TOKEN using the numbers at the bottom then hit the diamond symbol (enter)
10) Click Sign in.
11) If no error is found it will begin installing the Agilent VPN. CLOSE THIS PAGE IMMEDIATELY. The Agilent VPN is not required by Microlease Staff. Click the little X on any thing which pops up until you are back at your desktop.

Microlease VPN
This stage requires the "Little Yellow Key" be installed (done so by default on all Microlease systems). You can check by looking in the bottom right corner of your screen and you should see a yellow key with a red X on it. Double click on the little yellow key.

If you get a box pop up stating that no sites have been defined go to Step 13 here https://sites.google.com/a/microlease.com/helpdesk/Home/vpn-instructions

If you get a box pop up asking for username and password go to Step 29 here https://sites.google.com/a/microlease.com/helpdesk/Home/vpn-instructions

Once connected the Key should be turning at random and the red X should be gone. Ok you are ready to carry on.

The Telnet stage as we call it requires a new icon on your desktop and that you have completed the steps above. Lets create the new icon.

Right click on any empty space on your desktop and click New --> Shortcut
In the box type "telnet"
Click Next
Enter a meaningful name such as Telnet
Click Finish

You should now be able to see you new icon (it looks like a computer and monitor). Double click this. Now you should see a black screen with white writing asking you for a username. If you do not ensure you have connected to the Microlease VPN. If you have email heldpesk@microlease.com.

All you care about is the first line of writing.

If it says "LOGIN Authentication" follow the steps below.

If it says "LOGOUT Authentication" you can skip this step.

1) Enter your N number into the Username box

N Number
A unique number given to all ATP Staff. Taking the format of N123456

Secure Token
The red and blue credit card sized device with a screen and numbered buttons

Microlease VPN Username
This is a username provided by IT to enable access to Microlease's systems (and subsequently Agilents)

Microlease VPN Password
As above only this is the password to go with your username

NT Username
This is another username provided by Agilent. Used in the setting up of Citrix

NT Password
As above only this is the password to go with the username

URSA Username
This is the