Your Mail file is getting to big and IT have told me to reduce it

Your Mail file is getting to big and IT have told me to reduce it

Ok so IT have been on at you again for having to large a Mail File and they have pointed you here. Why? Well lets start with what a mail file is. Your mail file is supprisingly the file which contains all your emails this is not just your Inbox but also all your folders and sent items. A large mail fiel; will slow down Lotus notes and takes up unecessary space on our systems. To give you an idea of what is acceptable we quota mail files to under 1Gb - although this is still alot. So what can i do - i need all my emails. Well IT understand your need to keep every email relating to a customer or contract for the compulsary legal reasons and we would never ask you to delete emails which are important. The reason we find that emails are so large is attachments.

The average email is only somewhere in the reigion of 10Kb you are allowed to store 1,048,576Kb which equates to 104,857 emails but emails with attachments are much larger. So what should you do. View your mail file in "All documents" view (see below) and look for excessively large emails and repeated attachments.

What we find is that person A sends an attachement to person B, person B then replys with the same attachment, person A then replys again with the attachment still there and so on so forth. So an email converstaion which would usually only take up about 15 Kb ends up taking 5000kb.

Open your Inbox and select All documents from the left hand side and select the Size header. This will organise all your documents in size order.

This is my Mail File. As you can see I have 1 really large email from George size 11.4M. Now the paper clip icon as you know shows that their are attachments. So what IT reccomend is that you detach the attachments and save them to your home drive, my documents or if it was an attachment sent to lots of people then maybe to Group drive would be more appropriate. Since the email from george is not important i will simply delete it.

Now lets look at my next bigest emails. As you can see i have a scanned image which i sent to Sue. Notice it appears twice - once in my sent and once in my inbox since i did the scan to myself. I will pretend that i need this attachment and show you how to detach it and save it else where.

Open the email and right click on the attachment. You have two options here that we are interested in. The first is "Save and Delete" the second is "Save and Delete all". Since i only have 1 attachment in this email i will select "Save and Delete".
The standard Save Dialog box opens which allows you to select where you want the file to be saved and as what.
Once you have saved it the attachment will be deleted and a note inserted stating by whom and when. If you want you could type a note to yourself about where you saved it. Click Save and Close

And thats is. You have save the attachment offline and save 4000Kb. Since i dont need the email anymore

Things to look out for

  • Repeated emails with large attachments. Make sure the last email has all the previous emails in it ie scroll down and you will find your emails. Ensure the attachments are the same - you can then delete the emails previous since the latest one contains all the info.
  • Empty Your Trash - On writing this tutorial i found 2000Kb of emails in my trash. Bad Martyn. Open your trash from the Left hand side navigation. Make certain you do not need them and click "Empty Trash" above them emails
  • Make sure you do this with your Archive too - although the limits on your archive are much higher
And thats it, as easy as pie.