Your Notes Certificate is Expiring - help

Every 2 years or so your Lotus Notes will "expire" well more acruratly your certifcate which grants you access to send emails and access databases will expire. You will be prompted for about 2 weeks before it will expire which you must do to continue unsing Lotus Notes. It really is easy

To renew your certificate is as easy as following the on screen instructions or the instructions below. The only complicated thing is the terminology

You will first be faced with a dialog box like the one in the first step.

Click Yes to "Take Action to Renew now"
This box just asks you to confim that you want to renew your certifcate using Notes Mail - this is what you use every day for sending and reieving mail. Click Continue
This box asks you where you want to send your ID so that the certifcates can be renewed. Now you could send it to your Grammy but Helpdesk would be better. Click Address.
Scroll through the list and find Helpdesk. Double click Helpdesk ro single click and click To and Helpdesk will be added to the To list in the right pane. Click OK.
The box should now look something like the one here. You can customize the subject if you want, click Send to send your ID to helpdesk.
Click on and wait for an email back. Usually we are quite quick at ID's since they are only a few clicks. Shortly you will recieve an email back like this one.
Open the email and follow the instructions in the subject field.
Click "Actions" on the top menu. Then Accept Certificate
Click OK in the reulting dialog box and you done.